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I have been a member of Russ’ jazz program for six months. The first difference i noticed from other programs was that Russ had expectations. You are expected to be prepared, show up on time and even sign an agreement outlining the rules. The point is that if you wish to improve your ability to play jazz, you are making a commitment……The second difference is the format of each session. The pieces selected (by both Russ and members) are part of a repertoire, as opposed to a half a dozen pieces that are prepared for a recital for family. We have accumulated a large book of tunes that are constantly revisited and re-evaluated. Each standard has a chance to seep into your subconscious and the playing gets deeper………Third, Russ (a superb player) does play with the group – but unlike other instructors he uses his playing to demonstrate, inspire and challenge……….. it works!!!!…………Lastly, Russ makes everyone feel comfortable – band members encourage each other, express interest in what others play and listen!!!!…….I credit this culture to Russ………..If you are looking to develop your skills and willing to make a commitment of time and energy, Russ’s JazzLab is for you” — Victor H.
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The challenge facing ALL musicians is NOT finding short-lived semester-based workshops, academies, or summer camps, but finding a Regular creative playing environment. Even as professionals, we don’t experience growth from one or two isolated gigs, but by playing in a regular group year round. It is even more critical for the adult student, since they have less playing experience than the pros.

Taught by the owner of the company 80-90% of the time–
We’ve all experienced the commitment level of the ‘Adjunct Faculty’, haven’t we?
Other reputable teachers share Russ’ musical aesthetics but give a different perspective from another instrument.

Private Coaching in ear training, improvisation, theory, composition/arranging is available to enhance your small group experience, but no private study can replace playing in a regular small group.
We will never encourage you to stop studying with your private teacher.
JazzLabNY is the PLACE where you APPLY those concepts.

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You may visit and observe a JazzLabNY session at any time to experience the difference without charge.  Find out why serious Adult Jazz Students agree why there is nothing like JazzLabNY.

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