JazzLabNY fills a void that has existed in jazz education and the adult music community for years. Many adult jazz musicians making their living outside of music have asked, ‘Where can I go to play in a Band setting? With my busy schedule, how can I reconnect with something that I truly love? Let’s face it–putting a band together is incredibly hard work for a full-time professional, let alone for a part-time musician. Finding the right band members, preparing the music, and scheduling rehearsals that everyone can make is very time consuming. And, just about every educational setting today is either geared for kids, or it’s a group class or Jazz Workshop that disbands every 6 to 8 weeks, or it’s simply disorganized and frustrating.

If you’ve had this experience, then JazzLabNY is your answer. We are in partnership with Jazz Band Masterclass in Washington DC, a community which over the last 15 years has helped hundreds of adult students just like you play Jazz as it is MEANT to be played – within the context of a regular, ongoing small group made up of players with similar levels of accomplishment– not just playing 2-3 solos all night at a poorly-run public jam session or sitting home alone with a book and YouTube videos.